Socks suck. 

They're the present that everyone gets, but nobody wants. 

So, we decided enough was enough, and gave the gift some much needed Sock 'N' Roll...

Doubling up as a gift card, these socks will walk you into a gig of your choice in 2020 - all you have to do is choose the amount you'd like to spend. 

Whether it's £25, £50 or £100, your socks will have a unique code printed on the label. From there, all you need to do is visit gigsinscotland.com and choose the gig you'd like to attend. 

It's only Sock 'N' Roll, but we like it.

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Please note - we'll ensure to distribute the socks for the 17th December. However, we cannot be held accountable for damage, delay or loss by Royal Mail.

For full Terms & Conditions, visit https://ticketmaster.co.uk/giftcards/terms.